Bingo Evening 2015

2nd March 2017

Broxbourne foodbank Bingo night, November 2015


On Friday 20th November at 730pm, Broxbourne Foodbank hosted its inaugural charity bingo night and it was a huge success.  Over 60 people attended Cheshunt Golf Centre for an evening of “eyes down, pens at the ready” bingo.  The volunteers from Broxbourne Foodbank provided their guests with a light supper which was much appreciated due to the cold weather.  With prizes kindly donated from the local Boots store at the Brookfield centre and Ryan Muncy’s firm based in the City, Tradition, lucky guests were able to take a gift away with them for their winning efforts.


The  night was a fantastic success with sales of bingo and raffle tickets enable the Foodbank to raise £904, which will go towards helping Foodbank ensure that we can provide a full shopping list for our clients who are all local people facing a short term emergency.  We often run out of things such as milk, sugar, coffee, tinned meat and the like.  So money donated helps the foodbank ensure “our cupboards are never dry” throughout the year.


The volunteers at Broxbourne Foodbank came up with the idea for holding the charity bingo night was because Santander have a scheme for their employees where for every £1 raised  by them on behalf of a charity, Santander will match this.  So we’re lucky enough to know 2 employees so will receive another £904, bringing the grand total raised at the event to  £1808.


Broxbourne Foodbank would like to thank our local community for supporting such a fun night and look forward to seeing for the next instalment of Jerry “The Balls” Bingo  in 12 months’ time.


If you would like to know more about our night charity event or are curious how the Foodbank helps our local community please visit our website at:


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