Impact of Foodbank fresh food at Arlesdene Children’s Centre

2nd March 2017

Impact of Foodbank fresh produce from Arlesdene Children’s Centre

We have been receiving surplus fresh produce that Foodbank is unable to use for a while now, we are given it on a Monday and put it out for our families on a Tuesday. It is well used by all families that come to the centre, we don’t have a group on a Wednesday or Thursday so families come to the centre on these days for the food on offer. We used to stay with the food to encourage families to help themselves but no longer need to do this as they are confident enough to take what they need without feeling embarrassed or unsure.

Below are some comments we gathered from the families using this service at our centre.

Really helps, Kids are trying new foods!

The fruit and veg is a great idea, really value to household J

Firstly Thank you Jeremy it really helps, have been homeless recently,

and appreciate the help I received from the food bank

Brilliant! Very worth it helps out.

Very good useful for feeding family and baby trying different foods.

Great for sampling new things

Discussion with others as what to do with more unusual veggies. Nice to try new things. Helps a low budget go further. Makes sure there’s plenty of fruit & veg in fridge for the kids. Feels like Ready, Steady, Cook – you come home with a bag of things & have to be creative.

Very useful, gets you to want to cook, encourages you to eat a lot of veg cost effective

Pre-packed casserole veg is excellent when weaning – you can go home, chuck it in a pan & you have a big pile of baby food to freeze

Having fruit and veg from here has meant my children have tried a lot more than they would normally because they think getting it from nursery is great.

‘Veg Wednesdays’ are loved by my daughter, helps us eat a wider range of fruit & veg! Loves coming in for a piece of fruit before school each week.

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